TEX-RAJ Art Competition

TexRaj Art Competition

Calling all the artists for TEX-RAJ Art Competition!!!

An exciting opportunity for all the artists that enables everybody (above 7 years) to express their creativity and showcase their skills.

Please bring your Artwork with you to the convention.

The top exhibits will be displayed during the IMRC 2022 event until they are auctioned off. Funds collected during the auction will go to IMRC/MMNA initiatives.

Registration is now closed!

Theme: Texas and Rajasthan fusion

Age groups: 7-12 yr;    13-18 yr;     19+

Size: 16” x 20”

Base: Canvas, Wood, Cardboard or Metal Frames only

Not Allowed: Hazardous material, Glass, Sharp edge material

Submission time: Thursday, Nov. 24

Location to submit: TBA

Prize: 2 winners per age group

Auction: Auction of the art pieces of the prize winners will take place during Friday dinner time.

Questions?  Please email any questions or comments to imrckids@mmna.org