Rajasthani Abroad Youth Samaj Would Like To Invite All To IMRC 2022!!

What is RAYS?

The Rajasthanis Abroad Youth Samaj, or RAYS, is an organization for Marwari youth between 21 and 35 that aims to build a tight-knit Marwari community!

RAYS was created in early 2005 to form connections among Marwari youth living in North America through shared culture and heritage. Since its inception, RAYS has coordinated numerous regional and national events throughout the country that have allowed Marwari youth to develop their cross-cultural identity by meeting peers and experiencing Marwari culture on a relatable level. RAYS maintains a strong collaborative relationship with the Maheshwari Mahasabha of North America (MMNA).

RAYS at Convention

The semi-annual MMNA conventions are always a highly anticipated event for RAYS members. The RAYS board spends months before the convention preparing breakout sessions for the RAYS attendees. These breakout sessions involve icebreakers, personal and professional networking, social justice, and community service. Along with these RAYS specific sessions, RAYS will also join in on the larger group sessions and mingle with the remaining attendees for all the constant fun at the convention! Conventions have time and time again proven to be a great place to connect with shared Marwari heritage, reconnect with old friends and family members, and make new lifelong friends!

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