George Ranch (Saturday, Nov. 26)

George Ranch Historical Park – Maps & Address

The address of the ranch is 10215 FM 762 Rd, Richmond, TX 77469.

Ranch FAQ

1. Do I need to pay separately for the Petting Zoo, Rodeo or the Tram ride?

No there are no separate charges for any of the above activities, it is included as part of the IMRC package. However, wristbands are mandatory for the people who want to take tram tours; the same can be collected on the event date from the help desk located in Anand mela.

2. How do I know the location and timing of the various activities at Ranch?

You will be provided with a digital map on the registered mobile number that will point to the location of the various activities along with the timing. Also, there would be a help desk and volunteers from whom one can obtain the details.

3. Will the seats be assigned to me for the Rodeo event at the Arena?

Seating will be on a First come First serve basis. Arena seating will begin at 1:30pm

4. Will the Ranch have First aid kits?

Yes, pls visit the help desk booth near Anand Mela. Location of the help desk will be provided in the digital Ranch Map.

5. Are there any Urgent care and/or Emergency Rooms near Ranch?

    • Step-In Clinics (7 miles): 545 Minonite Rd SUITE 110, Rosenberg, TX 77469. Ph (832) 930-8399
    • Next Level Urgent Care (7 miles):  4002 FM 762 Rd Suite 100, Richmond, TX 77469, Ph (281) 783-8162.
    • Royal Urgent Care (7 miles): 24601 Southwest Fwy Suite 100, Rosenberg, TX 77471. Ph (281) 239-8434

    6. What is the capacity of the Tram and the frequency?

    There would be 1 tram with approximate capacity of 30 passengers, operating  continuously from 9:30 to 2:00 pm. Each trip would take approximately 30 mins.

    7. Are we allowed to get down from the Tram to visit the point of interest?

    Yes, Tram tours will be Hop-on, Hop off style. You can get down from the bus and visit the point of interest. When done, just board the next tram (provided the tram is not already full).

    8. MMNA Ranch Coordinator contact number

    Ashish Phafat : (832) 820-1350

    Girish Rathi : (281) 248- 3564

    Swapnil Chandak : (217) 381-6688

    Transportation to the Ranch

    1. How will the commute be from Hotel to Ranch & back?

    IMRC has arranged buses for all attendees to commute from Hotel to Ranch and back to the hotel after the Anand Mela and Rodeo. It will be an approximate 45 min ride. 

    2. Where do I board the buses from?

    You will need to board the Bus from the Crawford Street entrance of the Hotel lobby. Pls follow the boarding signs.

    3. How do I know what is my boarding time for the bus to Ranch?

    On the registered email id you will be receiving a “signup genius” link using which you will choose the boarding time for your family. People are requested to arrive at the boarding gate only at the assigned time slot.

    4. Is there wheelchair assistance provided to board the bus?

    Buses are not equipped with wheelchair assistance but we would have volunteers available to help anyone who needs assistance.

    5. Do we have child seats on the bus?

    There are no child seats available in the bus. If you would like you can carry your own child seats/booster seats.

    6. Will there be refreshments provided in the bus?

    Since we start after breakfast from the hotel to the ranch and after hi-tea from the ranch back to the hotel there won’t be any refreshments. You are welcome to carry your own snacks. Bottled water will be provided on request in the buses.

    7. What time will the buses start from Ranch back to Hotel?

    Buses will start at 3:00pm from Ranch and will be leaving one bus at a time. Last bus will leave at 3:45pm from Ranch.

    8. Are we supposed to ride back in the same bus that we took while going to Ranch?

    No, you will be free to ride back in any buses back to the hotel. Each bus will be able to carry only 55 passengers at a time and we will be filling up one bus at a time for the ride back from Ranch to Hotel.

    9. What if I missed the bus?

    Every person is responsible to respect the boarding time for the buses. The last bus will leave at 9:15 am from the hotel. If you miss the bus then it’s your own responsibility to arrange your own transportation to the ranch (own car, Uber or Lyft). While coming back you will still be accommodated in the bus from Ranch to Hotel. 

    10. Whom should we contact if we have questions regarding bus transportation?

    Please contact any of the below people if you need any details on bus transportation

    Ankur Rathi : (813) 503- 1025

    Manish Lohiya : (832) 520-6600

    Girish Rathi : (281) 248- 3564