Here are some answers to common questions about IMRC 2022.


Can only Rajasthani Maheshwari's attend the convention?

Both Maheshwaris and Rajasthanis are welcome to join. In addition, anyone with Rajasthani ties can join.

Where can I see a confirmation once I register?

Once the Web Registration is completed, you will get a confirmation email from imrc2022@mmna.org.

I don’t see any confirmation email. Where can I find it?

Please check your junk/spam folder. Also, please add our email imrc2022@mmna.org as a contact and safe sender to your mailbox.

Is my personal information safe?

Yes, it is. All the attendee information is stored in the IMRC database and is not shared with any 3rd party.

On your IMRC registration information page, I see that we can get a discount if we become a life member. How will this work?

Yes, register for life membership using http://www.mmna.org/join-us. In addition, MMNA is offering a promotional rate of $261 for new life members in 2022.

Are IMRC registration fees tax-deductible? Can it be classified as a donation?

No, the IMRC registration fee is not a donation and is not tax-deductible. However, please note that registration fees are discounted and account for your food, entertainment, and other costs at the IMRC.

How do I add, remove, or update members to my existing registration at IMRC?

For any changes to your reservation, please email the Registration Team at imrc2022@mmna.org with your registration number.

How do I cancel an IMRC registration I already made?

Please email the Registration Team at imrc2022@mmna.org for help with canceling your registration. Contact the hotel directly to cancel your room booking.


Which airport is the most convenient to reach the IMRC 2022 venue (Marriott Marquis Hotel)?

Marriott Marquis is conveniently located in downtown Houston, 10 miles from the William P. Hobby Airport (HOU) and 20 miles from the George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH). Please see the Transportation page for more details.

Can the IMRC 2022 team provide a Visa letter for the consulate for International attendees?

Yes. Please email the Registration Team at imrc2022@mmna.org with the following details: Full name(s) of all the members 18 years and above matching your travel documents, complete postal address, proposed travel itinerary, etc.

Child Care

How far will be childcare service be from the IMRC location?

For your convenience, the IMRC team has organized childcare services at the same venue in one of the hotel’s conference rooms.

Who is providing childcare?

We are currently working with experienced, licensed, and professional childcare providers for childcare services at the venue to provide a safe and secure environment for our kids.

What should we keep in mind if we have our children with us during cultural and other events?

Please adhere to the hotel policy of no food or drinks in the ballroom. Also, please make sure to keep track of your child at all times.

Can I pick up my child between the events and leave him/her again?

Yes, you can. There will be a sign-in/sign-out sheet that will keep track of all pick-ups and drop-ins.

What should parents provide when leaving kids in childcare?

Blanket, favorite toys, change of clothes, diapers, and anything you think your child will need. Make sure to label everything with your child’s name.

How much will the childcare service cost?

Childcare services will be provided at a highly subsidized rate. Exact details on cost and childcare hours shall be provided later.


Why is a hotel room mandatory for all the attendees?

All registrants must stay at the hotel because the hotel has offered us conference rooms, ballrooms, etc. at no extra cost in return for the contractual obligation to stay at the hotel. One cannot truly immerse in and enjoy the IMRC experience without staying at the venue. With its world-class facilities, the hotel provides you with a worry-free place to relax, socialize, bond, and have fun without the hassle of commuting daily.

Are the discounted rates of the hotel available only during the Convention?

For your convenience and enjoyment, discounted room rates are available for up to three days before and up to three days after the convention dates. The IMRC team has negotiated 750 room nights at an exclusive steep discount, and regular hotel rates may apply once we reach this limit.

Why is Marriot Marquis showing non-availability of rooms on the IMRC dates when I tried booking on their website?

Please use the web link from the Registration page or the one you received through your confirmation email. Do not book directly from the hotel site or any other travel website. IMRC has specially reserved rooms for the event available only through our link.

Why is it not letting me book more than one room?

Due to limitations of the Marriott reservation system, only one room is allowed per booking. If you need multiple rooms, please make multiple bookings.

What is the group code on the Marriott site for room booking?

Please use the link from the Registration page or the one you received in your confirmation email. That link directs you to the exclusive discounted rate for the event.

How do we request two queen beds during the hotel reservation?

The hotel has blocked all the Queen rooms for the Convention. Depending on the number of people per room (up to 4) officially registered, the hotel will assign rooms. Example: If you register four attendees, you will get a room with two queen beds. Room numbers will be allocated at the hotel at the time of check-in.

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