Child Care

The IMRC 2018 Team is pleased to provide child care facilities so parents can enjoy the sessions without any interruption.

Program Details
* Child care is available for kids less than 5 years of age.
* Snacks will be provided during child care.
* Child care will be provided during opening ceremony, all breakout sessions, and all cultural programs.
* It will not be provided in the mornings before breakfast, during breakfast, lunch & dinner, and after 11pm at night
* Parents are responsible for providing diaper bags, favorite blanket, and other items that are necessary to make the child comfortable so that they can fully enjoy their stay.
* Parents will be called if your child needs something and we are unable to help.

* Mornings: 09:30 AM - noon (Sunday July 1st & Monday July 2nd)
* Afternoons: 02:00-05:00 PM (Sunday July 1st & Monday July 2nd)
* Evenings: 08:00-11:00 PM (Saturday June 30th, Sunday July 1st, and Monday July 2nd)
NOTE: Children less than 5 are not allowed in the hall during the opening ceremony as well as the evening cultural programs.

The cost of child care is $60 per child for duration of convention (About 20 hours of care over 3 days)

Sign up & payment
We have limited number of spots and they are available on a first come first serve basis. Sign up Now before we fill out!
Note: Reservation is confirmed on receipt of payment only. After that date, it will be based on availability.

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